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    Product Description

    Indian Grapes Exporters

    Grapes, growing in clusters of 15 to 300, exhibit a range of colors including green, black, pink, and others. Presently, Indian exporters are actively shipping tons of grapes to numerous countries. The escalating global demand for grapes, driven by their versatile applications in diverse cuisines and recognized nutritional benefits, has contributed to a substantial growth in grape exports from India in recent years. Annually, India yields approximately 2.8 million tonnes of grapes, with Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh emerging as the leading contributors to this production.

    Countries we exported

    Gulf, USA, EUROPE, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore etc.


    Calories – 104 calories
    Fiber – 1.4 g
    Carbohydrate 27.3 g

    VitaminVitamin K
    Grapes Varieties We Export
    Thompson Seedless
    The Thompson Seedless variety is cultivated in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Known for its broad adaptability, this variety features seedless, ellipsoidal-elongated, golden-yellow berries with a medium-thin skin. The juice derived from these grapes is straw-colored, presenting a sweet taste with a Total Soluble Solids (TSS) content ranging from 20-22%.
    Sonaka Green Grapes exhibit elongated and larger berries that are characterized by a delightful crunchiness, abundant sweetness, and a well-balanced tartness, leaving behind an enjoyable and refreshing aftertaste. As the second-largest grape variety exported from India, Sonaka Seedless Green is highly acclaimed for its exceptional flavor.
    Super Sonaka
    The Super Sonaka Seedless Green Grapes are distinguished by their elongated, cylindrical shape and amber color. With a Total Soluble Solids (T.S.S.) measuring around 22 o Brix, and acidity ranging from 0.4% to 0.7%, these grapes present a berry diameter between 16 mm to 19 mm.
    Black Sharad
    Black Sharad grapes are a globally esteemed black grape variety originating from India. Recognized for their widespread appeal, these grapes are highly appreciated worldwide. Not only are they a flavorful choice, but they also serve as a rich source of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D, making them an excellent and healthy snacking option.
    Black Jumbo
    Black Jumbo grapes boast a natural sweetness complemented by subtle tart undertones. These grapes are characterized by their exceptional crunchiness and juiciness. The berries, ranging from black to purple, are notably large, seedless, and elongated. Widely regarded as the premier black grape variety from India, Grapes Black Jumbo are highly esteemed and enjoy global appreciation.
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