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    Product Description

    Indian Chilli Exporters

    Green chillies play a crucial role in Indian cuisine, being an essential component. Indian exporters ship tons of green chillies overseas annually. The increasing popularity of green chillies is attributed to their distinct flavor and aroma. Consequently, exporting green chillies from India presents a lucrative business opportunity for local farmers and vendors to tap into the international market. The import of green chillies from India encompasses various types and qualities, reflecting the diversity of offerings available.

    Countries we exported

    Gulf, USA, EUROPE, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore etc.


    Calories 40
    Total Carbohydrate 9 g
    Dietary Fiber 1.5 g

    Protein2 g
    VitaminVitamin A
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin B6
    Chilli Varieties We Export
    G4 Green Chilli
    Characterized by its vibrant green color, healthy and flawless skin, the Green Chilli is renowned for its rich flavor. Commonly utilized in its raw form, it serves as a potent spice to enhance the taste of various dishes. Long Green Chillies, a pivotal ingredient in many cuisines, are considered indispensable. The Hot Green Chilli, sought after for its intense hot flavor, is in high demand. Abounding in the goodness of capsaicin, our Long Green Chillies (G4) maintain their freshness right up to the point of consumption.
    The maturity period for this hybrid is 60-65 days, featuring a compact plant type. Known for its high pungency, the fruit weighs 7 grams and has an immature color of green, transitioning to a mature red hue. The dimensions of the fruit are 8.5 cm in length and 1.2 cm in girth, with a skin wall thickness of 0.2 mm. This dual-purpose hybrid is suitable for both dry conditions, presenting intermediate resistance to LCV. Notably, it is distinguished by its good test weight.
    The Eagal Chilli is characterized by its large plant size and compact growing habit. The green fruits feature a semi-wrinkled surface, measuring 8-9cm in length and 1.1cm in thickness. Known for its high pungency, the fruits mature into a deep red color.
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